Photo & Illustration Folios

FOUND markets photographers and illustrators to art buyers through targeted marketing. But in a marketplace already populated with creative sourcebooks, this startup needed a brand to stand out amongst competitors, appeal to creatives, and showcase artists’ work beautifully. It also needed a look-book that would drive an art buyer online.

The concept of artist and art buyer “finding” each other through targeted, segment-specific marketing led us to conceive the name, FOUND, along with the tagline “matching artists + buyers.” The logo has an obscure letter N, and all book cover designs would play off the idea of finding or uncovering something.

Unlike its competitors, FOUND maximizes artists’ advertising spend with double-page spreads only, giving them high visual impact and ensuring they are never beside a competitor. Artists have over 15 layout templates from which to choose, with typography controlled to create a book of art, not a book of ads.

The brand language was made playful, forming a string of copy that referred to love, relationships and connections that was concocted from the tagline “matching artists + buyers”.