Land Rover Advanced Dynamic Venting

With an elevated focus on vehicle fuel efficiency, Land Rover was seeking design solutions that were compact, smart, and consumed less energy. Magna International had the technology required but were missing a design concept and a humanized interface that exuded Range Rover DNA. They asked Jacknife to focus on one key location for innovation…the front grill.

Transport trucks have used mechanisms for controlling airflow in the past but typically buried these features under the hood, stealing valuable space. Magna’s “active grill technology” would respond to driving conditions by opening vents for cooling during sport or city driving, and closing them at high speeds for fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. Bringing active technology to the outer surface of the vehicle resulted in more room under the hood for compact models like the Range Rover Evoke.

After producing close to 100 concepts, and dozens of prototypes we refined the mechanical direction into 2 areas of technology, shape-memory alloys and polymer louvers (which organically distort upon rotation). Finally we directed our mechanical and experiential resolution towards a form factor that felt elegant and sophisticated much like the storied brand of Land Rover.