Mondelez Office Installation

Mondelez (Kraft Foods) approached Jacknife to help with the reimagining of their new office in Mississauga Ontario. Being given a blank slate can often seem daunting. The first question was, what would the employees of Mondelez need in their working space. ‘You’ll never know your future if you don’t know your past’.

We were given access to endless vintage packaging and pictures which we used to piece together the story. We wanted to not only exploit the past but in direct juxtaposition show where Mondelez was going. Having the past and present coincide on the walls in boardrooms nooks and crannies around the building leaving hidden gems for people to discover and rediscover over time.

From the minute you walk-in, you’re enveloped by the world of Mondelez. Pieces of product art is scattered all over, showing you the past and present day design. The sense of time shows you how invaluable these brands have become and the people who work behind them everyday.

Because the office exists far away from all the places where Mondelez products are found, we wanted to bring those places into the space. In the main lobby we had the façade of a real convenience store in Toronto photographed and printed in hyper-real resolution, giving the space a surreal feeling. On the second floor main cafeteria we installed another photorealistic scene of Christie subway station. The install is completed with a subway kiosk showing proudly displaying the Mondelez products we may encounter on a day-to-day basis.