Munich Re Report

Munich Reinsurance Company Canada services the industry’s leading insurance companies. It has produced a biennial Individual Insurance Survey for the past 15 years, compiling information and views from Canada’s individual life and critical illness insurers and translating them into usable data. It then shares that information with its clients and industry leaders in the form of a comprehensive survey.

This survey had two principal goals beyond reporting the results through charts and graphs. It needed to introduce Munich Re’s new global rebrand and adhere to its new guidelines, and it needed to assert Munich Re as the global leader in the reinsurance industry.

Given a very strict set of brand guidelines, we were determined to push the limit of the brand book and tell the newly “RE” focused brand story in a compelling way. To capture the excitement and energy of the rebrand, we created an eight-step lenticular cover that transitions the new Munich Re logo into the word “FORESIGHT,” on which Munich Re’s new outlook and brand positioning are now focused. We built on the brand name by leveraging the inherent energy in words containing “RE”. Throughout the piece these words are typographically woven with photography to create a bold statement, while offering a visual break from the data-based graphics.