Rotman Fundraising Campaign

Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto embarked on a mission to raise $200 million for a new facility and to better serve a growing student population. Rotman needed added awareness of the campaign in the school and in the business community, aiming to inspire more donor support. Utilizing a hallway on the main floor of the school’s existing building, we created a highly visible installation to draw the attention of students and staff, and business leaders who attend talks in the adjacent atrium.

Three-dimensional “sticky notes,” part of the campaign’s visual identity, served to communicate features of the project. The design’s modularity was important, as it needed to accommodate inexpensive switch-outs of information as the project evolved, and keep interest in the installation fresh. A large QR code graphic gave smartphone users the ability to link to the campaign’s website. The eye was drawn from the “sticky note” portion of the wall into a cove by a graphic of a large arrow, calling for people to “Complete the thought.” In the cove, a large architectural rendering, a model and details of the new building delivered an impressive look at the school’s future. The hallway is now bright and bold, and attracting eyes, interest and excitement around the school’s initiative.