Union Juice Branding

Modern. Energy. Community. Versatile. Fresh. Super Cool. Our brief for crafting a brand identity and environment for the new juice bar Union Juice.

In the highly competitive juice landscape, Union Juice is more than a pick up and go juice bar it is a highly considered modern space that is functional, energetic and stylish.

Union Juice is a lifestyle brand. They want to stand out with a bold identity and an inviting space that people would enjoy spending time creating a sense of community.

Starting from the naming right through to the environment design we developed Union Juice’s identity with the concept of elements “coming together”. The union of ingredients in the food, the blend of environment textures and the communal gathering space that develops community were all our inspiration in final executions. Flooding the space with daylight, keeping clean lines and adaptable elements such as the main bar keep a consistency to each location but a custom local art installation and community wall allows for each space to remain unique to the neighbourhood.

We crafted an extensive brand guideline for the identity and space that allows for consistency of the Union Juice brand through their location roll out.