Weston Bakeries Branded Environment

Weston Bakeries Project “Re-Fresh” is contemporary and engaging mix of the bakery’s storied history and the future of baking culture.

We are excited to share their head office redesign! Using the corporate theme of Fresh Forward and through deconstructing Weston Bakeries key brands (Wonder, Country Harvest and D’Italiano) to have a new and modern approach, we created a space that truly expresses and celebrates their brand culture.

The use of image, colour, texture and objects in the new office is intended to provide a creative expression that will welcome, inspire, and inform the head and heart of Weston bakeries employees and guests for years to come.

With over 100 years of history, we had a wealth of visuals and artifacts to pull inspiration from including, the original handwritten bread recipe from founder GW Weston, original Weston bread tickets, as well as advertising and photographs from many decades. We had fun showcasing the key brands and product using images, sayings, equipment, ingredients, textures, and tools as inspiration.

The office is now invigorating and inspiring for staff, a place they are proud to bring in customers for meetings, workshops and product launches.