Building a Better Mousetrap

You’ve been seeing a lot of mice around lately. Buckets of them. And, obvious health concerns aside, something occurs to you. There don’t seem to be any mousetraps about. Or if there are, they aren’t very effective. Like any business-minded individual, you see an opportunity. Sure, it doesn’t take you long to find a great line on cheese, but if you’re truly going to compete with the other enterprising individuals who’ve noticed the mouse population explode to plague levels recently, you’re going to need help. Jacknife’s approach to strategy can help you build a better mousetrap.

Assume nothing. Question everything. That’s where we begin with your brand. The methodical gathering and parsing of information from stakeholders, targets and the market in general is an exhaustive process, but one with immeasurable benefits. We mine for the key insights which will eventually become the foundation for one very effective brand. Oh and by the way, mice don’t really like cheese. They like peanut butter. That one’s on us.

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