We help build business value through the power of creativity. To us, success means doing great work with great people.

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Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk.

Our Services

As one of Canada’s most established full-service branding and design agencies, we have pretty much seen it all and done… well, even more. We’re an experienced creative team with the strategic chops to take on projects of any magnitude. Our capabilities cover virtually any creative challenge you can think of, and our work speaks for itself. We’re the kind of people you’d love to work with because we make the process seamless.

Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk. Think. Make. Talk.

  • Trushield needed new branding to help us build trust with small business owners and a bold marketing campaign to help us reach them.  Jacknife did more than deliver both. They challenged us to take risks. In a segment where our audience is unaware of their need for insurance, and where our product is often met with cynicism, we told small business owners that business insurance can help them “cover their asses” – and they listened. Our business grew by 115% over the previous year.

    Michael Nekic Northbridge Financial Corporation

  • My experience with Jacknife has been best-in-class. The strategic, narrative and creative process has been incredibly enjoyable and we have been empowered throughout. Communications, design briefs, and the general tone around their approach has made this entire project exciting for the team VS something that could have been very divisive. Jacknife continues to support our decision-making to ensure an idea hasn’t been “sold” to us by their team. Truly excellent work!

    Zack Dodge Conestoga Students Inc.

  • Jacknife is absolutely fabulous to work with! We have used Jacknife for a few years to design, write and produce our marketing publications. Their creativity, understanding of our brand and target audience is phenomenal. It’s refreshing to work with the team – they are excellent to collaborate with and respond quickly. I would highly recommend Jacknife to anyone looking to increase their brand presence in the marketplace.

    Janessa Gazmen Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)

  • We have been working with the team at Jacknife for 4 years now and consider them one of our trusted partners. We know that no matter how small or big the ask is, the team will bring their most creative, well-thought out ideas to the table. They are willing to challenge the status quo together with us, help us define our positioning in the market and amplify our voice through creative design and engaging content. We truly enjoy collaborating with this team!

    Alexandra Safarova Investment Planning Counsel (IPC)

  • The experience and process was eye-opening and incredibly positive. It was especially refreshing to see they had as much excitement and care for the project as we did. We had a lot of insight and points of emphasis to share and their team had just the right mix of patience, creativity and thoughtfulness to design something that was both unique and truly representative of our wants. Great team and great design. Highly recommend.

    Will Cumberland Wilbur Mexicana

Makers of the UnMade

Design is not something we do for a living, it’s something we live doing.

We like to keep it simple - we believe in bringing together great people in a great space to do great work and have fun doing it. We look for inspiring, creative, diverse folks who feel the same way. This uncomplicated approach (along with some great resources) builds the team environment that makes us want to get moving on Monday morning.

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