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Nike Showroom environmental design

Nike Showroom Branded Environment (Project)

NIKE presented us with a unique challenge for their Toronto Showroom: help create an environment that showcases a strong brand expression while being flexible enough to accommodate constantly evolving collections and product stories tailored to specific audiences. The answer lies in a multi-level approach that trades in-your-face application of colour and bold imagery for what initially appears…

Nike Canada HQ Branded Environment (Project)

Nike’s Workplace Design team out of Beaverton, Oregon approached Jacknife to help envision Nike Canada’s brand new headquarters. The brief? Bring to life a workspace that inspires creative thinking and connects staff and visitors to each other and to the brand. We needed to create a branded environment which celebrates the uniqueness of the Canadian market…

ACE Bakery Branded Environment (Project)

ACE Bakery came to us with a quest to help revamp their corporate office—which was becoming a bit stale—into a space that celebrates their employees and their products. So we dove right in. Because ACE is a younger company and doesn’t yet have extensive historical roots, the branding of their new headquarters hinged on its…

Weston Foods Branded Environment (Project)

Weston Foods came to us with a quest to give their out-of-date office space a much-needed facelift. With the concept of “fresh forward,” we began to unearth 100 years of history, images, and archived relics that served as the core of the design. The challenge was to create an engaging space that energized those within…

Union Juice in BlogTO website

Union Juice in BlogTO (Journal)

Union Juice just launched their bigger, second location at John and Adelaide in Toronto with some coverage by BlogTO. Jacknife handled the branding and environmental design for this quick serve restaurant alternative which serves up fresh, healthy and nutritious options with a focus on made to order juices, smoothies, panini sandwiches, salads and other healthy snacks….

WIND Brand Launch (Project)

The launch of WIND Mobile marked the beginning of fundamental change within the Canadian wireless landscape. Built on actual conversations happening among Canadians who are passionate about improving the level of wireless service in this country, WIND provides voice, text and data services to their customers and engages with them directly to jointly create a…

Mondelēz HQ Branded Environment (Project)

With a new office and a brand new location, Mondelēz was seeking to create a workspace that felt less corporate, more playful and engaging. Our task was to embody snack culture in a unique way that told a multitude of brand stories throughout the different levels of the new space. We started by sifting through…