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Good Supply Branding (Project)

Jacknife was tasked with creating a recreational cannabis brand for a well-informed, enthusiast audience. From our research, we identified that in contrast to all other segments, these smokers have the greatest amount of knowledge and experience in the category. As the highest proportion of current users (and the highest spenders), they have the most experience…

Woolwich Dairy Rebrand (Project)

Woolwich first came to us to improve its on-shelf brand presence: the challenge arose because products were spread across three in-store areas, with no cohesive look or continuity across SKUs. The ask was to re-name the brand and re-design its entire identity, including the creation of a strategic brand platform, packaging, promotional materials, web presence,…

Day & Ross Rebrand (Project)

Day and Ross, a North American transport and logistics company, approached us to help unify its brand while creating a fresh look that communicated their values, history and future-looking aspirations. Day and Ross needed to bring together its various divisions into one cohesive master brand and create excitement around their vision for the future of…

Inagene branding desgin

Inagene Branding (Project)

The team at Inagene approached us to help them position a new pharmacogenetics brand that, led by renowned scientists and experts in the space, makes it easier for patients and physicians to find the safest and most effective pain management options through a comprehensive genetic test. Because Inagene had to speak to two distinct types…

RIFF Branding (Project)

Jacknife was challenged with developing a recreational cannabis brand for a younger, more urban, and highly creative demographic—who is also highly resistant to traditional marketing and has a great BS radar. So we created RIFF: a platform revolving around creativity, collaboration, and pushing boundaries. After getting to know our audience, we fully immersed ourselves in…

Solei logo

Solei Branding (Project)

Aphria, one of the largest Licensed Producers of cannabis in Canada, had approached Jacknife to create its first recreational cannabis brand. Working with consumer data and segmentation reports, we quickly understood that our target consumer—largely suburban women who still held some stigma about cannabis—needed a cannabis offering positioned like a true CPG brand that they…

Weston Foods nurses background

Weston Foods Rebrand (Project)

Gearing up for an internal brand launch, Weston Foods approached Jacknife with an exciting challenge: to help freshen up the brand and make it bolder, more dynamic, and redefine the future of Weston Foods. The brand has historically been known (and loved) for their bread and bakery products, and our team was tasked with helping…

Ignite Environment design close up

IGNITE – Empowering Students’ Union (Project)

Humber Students’ Federation, a student-led organization operating in the sphere of student life at Humber College and sister university Guelph-Humber, came to Jacknife with a mission for a complete rebrand. Despite high favourability and job approval ratings from the student body, the HSF brand suffered from an institutional visual identity and name that, in the…

Aphria Medical Branding (Project)

In the process of working on several recreational brands for Aphria—a Canadian Licensed Cannabis Producer—we were tasked with helping re-focus and re-brand their Medical business as well. Our task was to give the Aphria Medical brand a more sophisticated, trustworthy appearance and brand positioning. We got to work by aligning on a strategy that makes…

Pride at Work Canada Branding System (Project)

Pride at Work Canada is an organization founded in 2008 by a group of dedicated volunteers; they started with a vision to improve the climate of inclusiveness for LGBTQ2+ people in Canadian workplaces. With over 80 national and regional partners, their efforts empower employers to foster workplace cultures that recognize LGBTQ2+ employees as an integral…

8Plus – Architectural Hardware (Project)

8Plus, an architectural hardware supply and consulting agency, had approached Jacknife about a branding and positioning project that would refresh their current identity and position them as a market leader. We worked closely with the team to uncover business insights, goals, and competitive advantages that helped us create a strong positioning, and build a robust…

Kilberry – Leadership Advisors (Project)

The Kilberry team approached Jacknife to help elevate their identity to reflect their premium clientele—which included C-Suite management at companies such as the NBA, Under Armour, RBC, amongst many others. The ask was to showcase world-class executive advisory services in a way that stood out and reflected the first-class services their clients receive. We knew…

Union Juice in BlogTO website

Union Juice in BlogTO (Journal)

Union Juice just launched their bigger, second location at John and Adelaide in Toronto with some coverage by BlogTO. Jacknife handled the branding and environmental design for this quick serve restaurant alternative which serves up fresh, healthy and nutritious options with a focus on made to order juices, smoothies, panini sandwiches, salads and other healthy snacks….

los logos on box

Featured in Los Logos (Journal)

We’re honoured and excited to be featured in Los Logos 7, a highly respected handbook featuring a selection of cutting-edge designs from around the world. The first issue of Los Logos was printed in 2002, and continues to be a bestseller and source of inspiration among designers, brand managers, trend scouts and marketers. We are especially…

Salomon snowboard boots design

Collab with Salomon: 2014/2015 Boots (Journal)

We designed the product logos for Salomon’s new 2014/2015 snowboard boots which recently hit the market. The lineup includes logos for Launch, Triumph, Dialogue, Faction and Lily (women’s). For inspiration we went back to old school skate influences, vintage mountain wear and streetwear to create these retro, timeless designs. Our work includes the product logo, as…