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Rilli Brilli Brand & Launch (Project)

Canada’s largest wine producer, Arterra, came to Jacknife to develop new product concepts for hard sparkling sodas as part of their first foray into the ready-to-drink (RTD) category. Working with consumer data and segmentation reports, we understood that our target consumer for one of the products was largely women in their mid-20s to mid-30s with optimistic…

In Good Order Brand & Launch (Project)

Jacknife began working with Arterra, Canada’s largest wine producer, on their innovation pipeline to develop new product concepts for their first foray into the ready-to-drink (RTD) category with wine-based hard sparkling sodas. In auditing the “better for you” space significant to the product’s target demographic, we quickly realized that whatever we did would need to…

Good Supply Branding (Project)

Jacknife was tasked with creating a recreational cannabis brand for a well-informed, enthusiast audience. From our research, we identified that in contrast to all other segments, these smokers have the greatest amount of knowledge and experience in the category. As the highest proportion of current users (and the highest spenders), they have the most experience…

Woolwich Dairy Rebrand (Project)

Woolwich first came to us to improve its on-shelf brand presence: the challenge arose because products were spread across three in-store areas, with no cohesive look or continuity across SKUs. The ask was to re-name the brand and re-design its entire identity, including the creation of a strategic brand platform, packaging, promotional materials, web presence,…

Inagene branding desgin

Inagene Branding (Project)

The team at Inagene approached us to help them position a new pharmacogenetics brand that, led by renowned scientists and experts in the space, makes it easier for patients and physicians to find the safest and most effective pain management options through a comprehensive genetic test. Because Inagene had to speak to two distinct types…

RIFF Branding (Project)

Jacknife was challenged with developing a recreational cannabis brand for a younger, more urban, and highly creative demographic—who is also highly resistant to traditional marketing and has a great BS radar. So we created RIFF: a platform revolving around creativity, collaboration, and pushing boundaries. After getting to know our audience, we fully immersed ourselves in…

Solei logo

Solei Branding (Project)

Aphria, one of the largest Licensed Producers of cannabis in Canada, had approached Jacknife to create its first recreational cannabis brand. Working with consumer data and segmentation reports, we quickly understood that our target consumer—largely suburban women who still held some stigma about cannabis—needed a cannabis offering positioned like a true CPG brand that they…

nestle holiday stars

Your 2pm fix just got sweeter (Journal)

As holiday products start to permeate shelves across the country, we’re excited to see the launch of our very own seasonal confectionary work with Nestlé. In vein with our office’s sweet tooth, we worked on festive designs for Turtles, Kit Kat, Smarties and Quality Street, letting our designers’ imaginations play on the holiday looks of…

Aphria Medical Branding (Project)

In the process of working on several recreational brands for Aphria—a Canadian Licensed Cannabis Producer—we were tasked with helping re-focus and re-brand their Medical business as well. Our task was to give the Aphria Medical brand a more sophisticated, trustworthy appearance and brand positioning. We got to work by aligning on a strategy that makes…

For Better Living. (Project)

It’s been a banner time for advocates of medical cannabis. Federal legislation created a new market essentially overnight triggering a ‘green rush’ in the Great White North. Despite the legal status of the category, a lingering stigma surrounding marijuana had many of the early entrants trying to legitimize their place in the medical community. A…

variety of Lunatik Athletiks Socks

Lunatik Athletiks Socks (Journal)

When Kelly the passionate founder and CEO of Lunatik Athletiks approached us she was on a mission to change the compression sock market from dull and dreary to lively and energetic. She explained to us how Lunatik Athletiks is committed to creating synergies of fabulous design with medical efficacy so you can express your unique…

Union Juice in BlogTO website

Union Juice in BlogTO (Journal)

Union Juice just launched their bigger, second location at John and Adelaide in Toronto with some coverage by BlogTO. Jacknife handled the branding and environmental design for this quick serve restaurant alternative which serves up fresh, healthy and nutritious options with a focus on made to order juices, smoothies, panini sandwiches, salads and other healthy snacks….

Rebranding An Icon (Project)

In 2014, after nearly four decades of business, Second Cup was faced with a stark reality: it was an aging brand in a crowded marketplace with consumers trending away from its offerings. The company realized it was losing relevance with both its core audience and with younger coffee drinkers. An enduring economic downturn, increasing competition, decreasing…

wilbur mexicana brand

Wilbur Brand Launch (Project)

Wilbur Mexicana is a Mexican restaurant in the Fast Casual category, an emerging Canadian market that offers a higher quality dining experience than the typical QSR format we’ve become accustomed to. With little connection to Mexican cuisine, founders Will and Baird Cumberland recognized they would have a difficult time competing in a category dominated by…

WIND Brand Launch (Project)

The launch of WIND Mobile marked the beginning of fundamental change within the Canadian wireless landscape. Built on actual conversations happening among Canadians who are passionate about improving the level of wireless service in this country, WIND provides voice, text and data services to their customers and engages with them directly to jointly create a…

Stalk & Barrel bottles

Stalk & Barrel Brand & Packaging (Project)

With past successes in the US market, craft distillery Stillwaters set out to launch a premium brand of whiskies headlined by Canada’s second-ever single malt whisky. Strategically, Stillwaters had a huge advantage in transparency of process and quality of product. Naming exercises concentrated on the holistic grain-to-glass approach employed at the distillery. Similarly, a simple…

Jacknife Scrimshaw Blade

Limited Edition Scrimshaw Blade (Project)

Working with a highly celebrated Scrimshaw artist from Maine, Jacknife created a series of limited edition Scrimshaw Mariner Knives for a select group of sea-faring clients, friends and urban marauders. Every knife was hand-etched in bone using a classic black and white style, protected with several coats of archival wax and packaged in a custom hand assembled cotton bag. Being the superstitious…

new pop shoppe branding

A Blast From The Past (Project)

For Canadians who grew up in the 70’s, heading to The Pop Shoppe was a big deal. It was akin to camping in the back yard or staying up past 8. Unfortunately, The Pop Shoppe fell prey to global competitors and consumer trends towards private label sodas. Nearly 20 years later, a Canadian entrepreneur made…

IQ Foods logo

iQ Foods (Project)

TASTY HEALTHY & FAST. From the beginning, IQ Food Co. was about healthy food. With the prevalence of pseudo ‘fresh’ and ‘healthy’ fast food options, IQ thought they could do a better job of bringing fresh, healthy and in many cases local options to Toronto’s financial district. Needless-to-say, we were happy to be part of…

Eye Candy (Project)

Over the past decade we’ve created a Smörgåsbord of art projects. We’ve had the chance to flex our own creative muscles but have also had the pleasure of collaborating with a lot of talented visual artists. These are some of our favourites.