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Jacknife's Holiday Gift Guide

Jacknife Holiday Gift Guide (Journal)

Make holiday shopping better(er), buy your loved ones cool stuff created by Jacknife. We’ve got something for everyone on your list…. Already blessed with the ultimate gift, all this lucky dude needs is a few Jacknife essentials to make his hectic life a little bit easier. Give him a quiet Sunday morning on the ice…

Trek Cycling Apparel Design

Trek 2016 Cycling Apparel (Project)

Trek/Bontrager invited us down to Wisconsin to talk about the evolving needs of their road cycling customer. The approach was to collaborate on 4 new lines of apparel that blurred the intersection between lifestyle, fashion and performance. We worked tirelessly to integrate purposeful cut and sew patterns, appropriate graphics and functional details into the 2016…

Thule (Project)

GoPro cameras have an infinite amount of set-ups to capture an endless amount of shots. For most shooters, this means sorting through a bottomless bag of straps, clips and batteries. Thule USA asked Jacknife to help get the GoPro user organized. From pro shooters to weekend warriors, we looked deeply into users needs and the…

Reinventing a Classic: Sandbox Helmet Design (Project)

Inspired by former Major League Baseball personality, Pete Rose, we started on a new helmet design for Sandbox. Pete, or “Charlie Hustle” as others knew him, played during the 1960’s when baseball was in the golden era of sports. This Sandbox helmet is a bit of a throwback and is based on the old school, earless baseball…

The Thanks Gilmore Campaign (Project)

When the sports fans of Jacknife saw Canadian speedskater Gilmore Junio give up his spot at the 2014 Olympics to allow teammate Denny Morrison to race (& bring home a silver medal), it offered a glimpse at sportsmanship and personal sacrifice that inspired our team, and compelled us to do something special for Gilmore himself…

Jacknife Scrimshaw Blade

Limited Edition Scrimshaw Blade (Project)

Working with a highly celebrated Scrimshaw artist from Maine, Jacknife created a series of limited edition Scrimshaw Mariner Knives for a select group of sea-faring clients, friends and urban marauders. Every knife was hand-etched in bone using a classic black and white style, protected with several coats of archival wax and packaged in a custom hand assembled cotton bag. Being the superstitious…

Red Bull Split Cedar (Project)

Red Bull approached Jacknife to create some key pieces for the Joyride event at Whistler – Crankworks. Our idea was to build a story around the roots of the legendary BC freeride scene. “Split-Cedar” pays tribute to the trailbuilders, woodland characters and freeride pioneers who laid the foundation for history to be made by athletes…

Eye Candy (Project)

Over the past decade we’ve created a Smörgåsbord of art projects. We’ve had the chance to flex our own creative muscles but have also had the pleasure of collaborating with a lot of talented visual artists. These are some of our favourites.

RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award

RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award (Project)

RGD, in partnership with the Rotman School of Management asked Jacknife for a fresh design approach to their Inaugural DesignThinker of the Year Award. The award honours an outstanding corporate leader who has driven business success by utilizing sustained design thinking to problem solve, communicate, and ultimately innovate. The RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award…

Branding Balance (Project)

Our start with UK balance bike manufacturer, Early Rider started as an inquiry into product availability in Canada. The result was a working relationship that helped to define the brand across North America. Modern parents are more concerned than ever with the types of toys their kids enjoy, especially those that are intended to develop…

Board GFX Extravaganza (Project)

We’ve had the pleasure of working on a whole bunch-o-boards over the years both in studio and with talented artists and designers… here are just a couple.

Red Bull Thre3style (Project)

We were there from the start, creating a unique identity and print campaign for the first season of the Canadian born DJ series “THRE3STYLE”. Centred on celebrating the art of partying, DJs from around the world are challenged to show their skills by playing three genres of music in 15 minutes sets. They have one…