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Red Bull Thre3style poster

Red Bull Thre3style (Journal)

Red Bull Thre3style is an international DJ competition showcasing some of the best in music. We had fun designing the creative for the 2015 USA regional qualifiers. The Uncle Sam was a call to action for all US DJs to enter to be selected to compete in one of 12 regional Thre3style qualifier competitions. The DJs have been chosen…

Sweet Santa Chocolates

Sweet Santa (Journal)

We wanted to do something special for our clients as a thank you for a great year in 2014, so we honed our design and crafting skills to create the perfect gift. The limited edition chocolates were handmade and hand painted by Heinrich Josef Stubbe, a German born chocolatier who moved his family’s 150 year…

los logos on box

Featured in Los Logos (Journal)

We’re honoured and excited to be featured in Los Logos 7, a highly respected handbook featuring a selection of cutting-edge designs from around the world. The first issue of Los Logos was printed in 2002, and continues to be a bestseller and source of inspiration among designers, brand managers, trend scouts and marketers. We are especially…

new ice skate design

Makers of the Unmade No. 1: Meet Our Reimagined Ice Skate (Journal)

Check out one of our early concepts of our premium, leather leisure ice skate. We’d love to grab our loved ones, some hot cocoa and enjoy a night of skating under the stars. Handcrafted in Canada and made with the finest leather, we’ve got men and women covered for the winter season. Well, what do you think…