/ Celebrating our 10 Year Partnership With Scott Sports

Celebrating our 10 Year Partnership With Scott Sports

For the past ten years we’ve been working in partnership with Scott Sports to redefine, redesign, and refine the mountain experience for snow sports enthusiasts. We’ve formed a long lasting friendship with the Scott Sports team over the years while working on over 40 projects. From the hundreds of brainstorming sessions on Skype to our test runs with them in the Alps, we’ve been able to constantly learn from each other. This close relationship has allowed us to conquer some wicked challenges together, create award winning goggles, and think critically about the future of vision and eye protection.

Back in December 2015, our Creative Partner Matt Hexemer went to visit the Scott Sports team at their HQ with a special gift our team whipped up. We sent them a 10″ x 10″ box made of Canadian wood representing the 10 year partnership. Inside we placed a bottle of award winning Canadian Whiskey and a book commemorating the past 10 years filled with images of work, times we’ve shared, and sketches.

Now with the beginning of our 11th year we look forward to more projects and years to come with our friends at Scott. Make sure to keep an eye out!