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Creativity Always Finds a Way

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A new year comes with a sense of new beginnings—a time for reflection and renewal. 


Through our experience building brands in a year unlike any other, patterns emerged and we were reminded that design is the ultimate connector. Even in the face of adversity, design as a discipline is inherently and uniquely positioned to help navigate uncertainty. From consumer goods to tech startups and every industry in between, brands and businesses have shifted to new ways of designing, making and selling—resulting in a surge of creativity. 

Consciously or not, they have repeatedly opened up to new strategies and priorities, the same way designers approach problem solving. Transitioning employees to remote work, converting alleyways into fitness classes or parking spots into patios may seem like temporary “pivots”, but they all require some level of creativity. As designers, we’ve always known it to be true but it’s become increasingly clear to companies and their leaders that every business, regardless of size or industry, has the ability to innovate. To problem solve. To create. 

Creativity isn’t just becoming highly valued in modern business. Canadian visual artist and muralist, Sandeep Johal has been transforming boarded up storefronts into vibrant open-air galleries with uplifting messages throughout the pandemic. She acknowledges in a recent opinion piece that with their collaborative spirit,


“murals represent snapshots of change, communicating what’s happening in the here and now. They shape and build communities. They bring people together in extraordinary ways.”


Street art is not new, but current restrictions, like galleries closing, have revealed its important role in fulfilling the public’s desire for art and culture, and connecting people beyond brick and mortar. 

In an era of uncertainty, the need for connection—both digitally and physically—has never been stronger or more pivotal. Harvard Business Review writes that in this period of dramatic shifts, organizations will need to “grapple with complexity—not run from it”. As we move forward, brands and businesses will need to develop flexible and scalable strategies for dealing with change as they plan for long-term growth. When they do, design is there to help.  

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