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Jacknife Holiday Gift Guide

Posted in design journal product product-design

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Make holiday shopping better(er), buy your loved ones cool stuff created by Jacknife. We’ve got something for everyone on your list….

The Family Man Holiday Gift Guide Poster

Already blessed with the ultimate gift, all this lucky dude needs is a few Jacknife essentials to make his hectic life a little bit easier. Give him a quiet Sunday morning on the ice with a Winnwell hockey stick, a pair of Jacknife’s Heritage Ice Skates, and a great cup of joe from Second Cup.  Or lighten the load on his daily commute with an Early Rider, Magna baby bag, and a snazzy new dog collar from Houndworthy.

The Weekend Warrior Holiday Gift Guide Poster

Team extreme is kind of our specialty, so we’ve got everything you need for the seriously empowdered girl in your life. Set her up with a Sims snowboard and top it off with Rome Boots and Bindings. Then warm her heart with Level Gloves and Lunatik Socks so that her guard is down when you force her to wear her new Scott Snow Helmet. Because, safety.

The Baller Holiday Gift Guide Poster

Living large in King West, this dude’s watch collection is certainly nothing to sneeze at and he ‘knows’ Drake. So really, what on earth do you get the man who has everything? A Land Rover, obvs. The Advanced Dynamic Venting system will keep him cool as a cucumber when the Stalk and Barrel Whisky’s got him feeling flush. And if you’re ballin’ on a budget just skip the Land Rover and swing for some TFC gear and a pair of My Pakage tighty whities to keep him in check.

The Wanderer Holiday Gift Guide Poster

Not all who wander are lost, but better to make sure she’s fully equipped in case the digital nomad in your life ever goes astray. A Kobo eReader and some Kostal Headphones to keep her company, a Jacknife Jacknife (just in case), and the Thule GoPro Backpacks will outfit her next adventure quite nicely, wherever she may go…

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