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Unveiling The Neck Chesterfield™

January 22, 2024
Jacknife's 2023 Avant-Maximal Canadiana Holiday Gift

In the realm of holiday gift-giving, Jacknife has orchestrated a playful symphony of creativity, comfort, and sustainability with their ground-breaking gift: The Neck Chesterfield™, a reinvented dickie designed for the modern and fashion-forward individual.

The collaboration between the visionary minds at Jacknife and Annie Thompson, the creative powerhouses behind the design, has birthed a unique product that marries style and comfort in a Canadian tongue-in-cheek manner.


/ A Collaborative Canadiana Creation


Annie Thompson, the iconic Canadian fashion designer behind The Neck Chesterfield™, shares the story of how this innovative product came to life, “Teaming up with Jacknife, we aimed not only to deliver a quality product but also to express the essence of backwoods Canada. Being a holiday gift for Jacknife’s valued clients added a layer of special significance to the project; we needed to deliver design excellence”.

/ Comfort Redefined


Comfort was a key focus in the design process. The higher turtleneck ensures warmth in the Canadian winter, while the easy “over-the-noggin” design emphasizes practicality. The result is a warm & cozy, yet hi-stylish fashion accessory that complements various trends and outfits, from snowboarding gear to casual work attire, and even a quirky addition to your dog’s ensemble.

One plaid dickie.

/ Crafted Excellence


The Neck Chesterfield™ not only sets a benchmark in fashion but also epitomizes unparalleled quality. Meticulous craftsmanship guarantees enduring durability, and reducing the likelihood of ending up in landfills. We prioritize locally sourced materials and fair compensation for our needleworkers, highlighting our commitment to a production process rooted in quality. Additionally, our precision on the cutting table minimizes waste, underscoring our dedication to eco-conscious practices.

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/ A Modern Fashion Marvel


Jacknife, the creative minds behind The Neck Chesterfield™, shed light on the inspiration behind the re-imagined classic dickie. Focused on “Avant-Maximal Canadiana,” The Neck Chesterfield™ is not just an accessory; it’s a statement. The idea of “Form Follows Flannel” brings a touch of high design and versatility, allowing The Neck Chesterfield™ to easily transition from a simple winter neck warmer to the perfect Nordic Ascot. The exclusive “Sudbury Paisley” pattern is ideal for any formal Lumberjack event or wedding you may find yourself attending during the cold winter months.


When used properly, people are in “awe” of how it looks like a real full turtleneck underneath another sweater. You’ll never wear a regular turtleneck again!

The Neck Chesterfield™ was like wrapping a warm mink around my neck but better because it doesn’t smell like dead fish and bog water.”

Gord McKenzie Crotch Lake, North Frontenac, Ontario

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Jacknife adds, “We were very proud to be selected as the Official Dickie provider of NASAC (National Anglers and Snowmobile Association of Canada), knowing all 11 members are able to brave the cold this season in comfort and style.”

In conclusion, The Neck Chesterfield™ is more than just a seasonal item; it celebrates creativity and modern Canadian fashion. Jacknife’s Avant-Maximal Canadiana vision has manifested in a product that not only breaks the mold but redefines what it means to be stylish and comfortable. The Neck Chesterfield™ stands out as a beacon of innovation, inviting us to don this piece of Canadiana with pride.


Visit the UnMade Shop to learn more about The Neck Chesterfield™ and purchase your very own piece of luxurious Canadiana!

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