Lunatik Athletiks Socks

When Kelly the passionate founder and CEO of Lunatik Athletiks approached us she was on a mission to change the compression sock market from dull and dreary to lively and energetic. She explained to us how Lunatik Athletiks is committed to creating synergies of fabulous design with medical efficacy so you can express your unique personality while completing extreme athletic endeavors to working! We were enthusiastic to work with Lunatik Athletiks in creating socks combine the technical efficacy of a “modern” day graduated compression sock with a fashionable bespoke design you can wear everywhere everyday.

Working with Lunatik Athletiks we were able to:

  • tweak their existing logo for Achi to illustrate their two new product lines (Achi and Achi+)
  • develop a series of bright dynamic patterns for both of their product lines
  • change their packaging design so that it would stand out in a medical clinic while also providing the customer the ability to touch the materials

Lunatik Athletiks Socks Process

Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging Design


ACHI_Socks_All_side All Lunatik Athletiks Socks


Lunatik Athletiks Socks Detail

Lunatik Athletiks Socks Detail


Lunatik Athletiks Socks Sticth Detail