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M3 Snowboard Designs

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We’re stoked to see some of our M3 board designs and collaborations hit the market, and we thought we’d share some of them here. We love working with photographers, designers and illustrators from around the world to create stunning board designs.

The first design, the shortstack, was designed in house by Mikey Richardson. The term shortstack is slang for “little riders” and we love the colours and ‘shortstack’ of pancakes on this board.


The second is a mens freestyle board, the Stagger, which comes from the UK photographer Andy Cole, who captures the colours and the way oil moves in bubbles quite beautifully. You can see more of his work on Flick here. By the sounds of it, he’s pretty pumped to see his bubble photo on a board, because who would have thought it’d end up there? So awesome.


The Convoy is another mens freestyle board designed by local Toronto illustrator, Derek Muscat. He is a traditional designer, and we’re big fans of his work around here.


Our very own Mike Kelar designed this sweet mens all mountain board, appropriately named the Talon.  To board showcases a collage of nature inspired imagery that was manipulated both digitally and by analog techniques.



Swiss Photographer, Fabian Oefner, was the genius behind this women’s freestyle board. Fabian creates beautiful, abstract images as well as uniquely captures art and science together. He is known for showing a scientific phenomena in a beautiful way, and reminding us of the beauty in the everyday.

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