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Makers of the Unmade No. 2: Paddl Infuser Makes for Thirsty Work

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Lifestyle is one of the most rewarding categories to work in. Inspiration comes easily from the waking moments of life. Every sigh of frustration presents an opportunity to make a difference. The results are tangible, easily accessible and usually measured in smiles.

The warmer moments of Summer 2015 found a number of parched Jacknifers considering the problem of rehydration. Conventional wisdom holds that our bodies’ need eight glasses of water a day. Actually drinking that much water can seem like a chore, while simply remembering to drink it and keep track of how much you’ve consumed is a major undertaking.

The result of this think session marks our second entry (see our first: Iceskate here), into our Makers of the Unmade series: a reusable water bottle brought to life with traditional materials that encourages healthy water consumption habits and makes infusing flavour more enjoyable, engaging activity.

The  Paddl is a water bottle built with the realities of contemporary worklife in mind. Simple design and traditional materials makes it a natural fit with any work environment. In a true case of form follows function, the real difference maker setting this bottle apart from other offerings is the shape. The gentle bowtie form provides an ergonomically-sound grip on the exterior and a flat interior wall to press fruit against. The paddle running from the cap to the base is made from a perforated glass, allowing it to pivot free from drag, while encouraging an even distribution of natural fruit flavours. Leverage is provided by a stainless steel toggle which doubles as a lid lock and pulls triple duty as an analogue dial to help encourage and track consumption.

Stay tuned for more Jacknife innovations as the Makers of the Unmade strive to make life a little bit better, drop by drop.

Makers of the unmade Paddl

Makers of the unmade Paddl top Makers of the unmade Paddl Pouring Makers of the unmade Paddl Bottle






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