Our Partnership with Pride at Work Canada

Take a look at our recent work created with Pride at Work Canada! Pride at Work Canada empowers employers to foster work-place cultures that recognize LGBT employees as an important part of a diverse and effective workplace. They achieve this through dialogue, education and leadership.

/ About the Brand

Founded in 2008 by a group of dedicated individuals Pride at Work has been hard at work improving the climate of inclusiveness for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans employees in Canada. It is with the help of their network they are able to make their mission a reality: a nation where LGBT Canadians can achieve their full potential at work. We at Jacknife are proud to be a partner of Pride at Work as we recognize the importance of inclusiveness within the workplace.

/ What We Did

  • Workplace Guide to Essential LGBT Terminology booklet
  • Promotional booklet
  • Promotional brochure
  • Business Cards
  • Digital Brand Guide


Pride at work Guidelines book Cover

Pride at work Guidelines book insides

Workplace Guide to Essential LGBT Terminology booklet

PAW Marketing book Cover

PAW book insides

Promotional booklet



Promotional brochure

Pride at work Business Card Mockup

Business cards

Pride At Work Mac Mockup

Digital Brand Guide