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Aphria Medical Branding

Aphria Inc.

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In the process of working on several recreational brands for Aphria—a Canadian Licensed Cannabis Producer—we were tasked with helping re-focus and re-brand their Medical business as well. Our task was to give the Aphria Medical brand a more sophisticated, trustworthy appearance and brand positioning.

We got to work by aligning on a strategy that makes sense for their growing business, understanding values, narrative, and the larger ecosystem of their brands. Along with the brand positioning and brand narrative work we created a simple yet versatile identity system, including multiple pieces of collateral.

To communicate their new values, aesthetic, and brand narrative to their consumers, we crafted a user-friendly labeling system that communicated their new brand, and used their three primary colours to distinguish the chemical makeup of each strain. We also created a comprehensive brand guide, which helped their partners and internal teams stay consistent with the new brand aesthetic. We crafted a new patient welcome booklet, with imagery, tone, and copy that resonated with our audience. To supplement our new patient-focused materials, we also formulated a physician’s guide meant to educate and inform medical professionals on the effects of cannabis, dosage, and ingestion methods. To top it all off, we created a variety of marketing materials to be used for web, print, and trade show production.

As the Aphria brand keeps growing, the modular and flexible system we had designed has acted as an anchor that ensures consistency of visuals, messaging, and a guide for moving forward.

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