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Knowing their consumer was digitally savvy, highly knowledgeable and ethically responsible, Blue Goose’s challenge was to create a site whose core was its narrative—but with a visually engaging interface that encouraged further exploration. So when they approached us for the project, we delved right in.

Our first insight was a simple one: great stories don’t work without great imagery. So we flew our photographer to the Blue Goose properties to document the brand’s incredible commitment to their animals and consumers alike. The striking imagery was used throughout the site to curate a premium experience with a compelling built-in narrative.

We used our UX and design expertise to create a responsive, visually stimulating site that worked equally well across all devices—facilitating a deeper content exploration experience. We added a variety of pages that informed readers about the food they’re about to consume, featuring a robust product page with responsive filters for various categories that span organic and natural selections. Each product led to a page with extensive health and nutritious information, and of course, captivating product imagery. Throughout the project, we were meticulously conscious about finding ways to interact with the product, whether through a “store locator” function, a blog, a dynamic press section, or even the FAQ pages. We also built in social integration to allow readers to follow the Blue Goose platforms without leaving the site.

So as a brand that’s all about elevated experiences, Blue Goose can continue to cater to its consumers—online and off.

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