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Day & Ross Rebrand

Day & Ross

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Day and Ross, a North American transport and logistics company, approached us to help unify its brand while creating a fresh look that communicated its values, history and future-looking aspirations. Day and Ross needed to bring together its various divisions into one cohesive master brand and create excitement around their vision for the future of their industry, their company, and their employees. The challenge was speaking to a variety of both internal and external stakeholders, all of whom had different perspectives and experiences with Day and Ross.

We started by creating a brand strategy and platform that bridged together various divisions, stakeholders, and communications. We built a solid foundation for a company with both a strong history and an industry-leading tenacity, communicating the very same values by which it came to exist, but with an eye to the future. After aligning on an internal direction, we got to working on the visual identity: a refreshed logo, colour system, photography and content style, and ideas for applications.

We applied those elements to create an internal launch plan, including employee swag, a calendar, video animations, and an internal launch video telling the story of the new Day and Ross. But we also had to let the world know: so we designed truck decals for their entire fleet, showcasing the refreshed new vision for Day and Ross all across North America. Curious? Spot it on the road in the wild—or you could just scroll down.

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