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Fabletics was launched when they noticed a distinct gap in activewear space. In a market saturated with luxury, high-performance athleticwear, their co-founders sought to provide an alternative solution with high-quality, stylish gear at accessible prices. Their new approach, “One Brand,” puts firm belief in a product that allows everyone and every BODY to look and feel their best—sparking the introduction of their men’s activewear line. This led to the search for a space that supports Fabletics’ continuous growth—one that needs to reflect the brand’s aesthetic, function, and embody Fabletics’ “One Brand” focus. Jacknife was onboarded to bring their new Los Angeles headquarters space to life. Knowing Fabletics takes pride in being inclusive, approachable, and inspiring, we began to operate with the overarching theme of ‘Super-Charged Simplicity.’ Every design decision had to be impactful, dynamic, minimal, active, inspiring, and optimistic.

The challenge was to create a well-designed space that balances and complements amazing people, bold colours, and intricate patterns so that the team as well as the products may shine. With a high-energy space that is in constant motion, the goal was to keep a dynamic front while creating a neutral canvas with discoverable elements. All of this, while facing the challenges of the pandemic.

The flow of the space reflected Fabletics’ design pillars: power, motion, and flow.
Taking advantage of the 17 ft ceilings as well as the abundance of natural lighting, we set to work on creating linework and patterns inspired by the production process. Cuts, sews, straps, and textured fabrics seen in Fabletics’ athleticwear are reflected across the campus, from solid walls to glass surfaces and beyond. Using the notion of threads intertwining, we commissioned two dynamic string art installations by Ines Esnal that appear to move on their own. This display is made possible through the flow of people as well as the ever-moving sun through the numerous windows. The result is a unique experience each time and represents the kinetic energy of Fabletics. Transforming the less naturally-lit areas, we filled the Origin Hallway with 10ft lightboxes to highlight Fabletics’ brand ambassador team and messaging that echo the brand values. Excited by Lizzo’s new shapewear brand, Yitty, we designed two key installations representing the brand within the space —a 15ft infinity mirror and a raised quote wall with Lizzo’s signature affirmation. A custom graffiti mural was created by one of New York’s graffiti legends, Stash, for The Town Hall—their office social hub. The mural embodies the energy of Fabletics through its vast colours and patterns.

Throughout the process, Jacknife pivoted and overcame massive obstacles to accomplish such a huge scale of a project. We needed to design a space that was physically inaccessible from nearly 3500km away. Using photos, video footage, and floorplans, we designed as well as oversaw the build and production remotely. The end result is a visually stunning space that amplifies the brand ethos and reflects the dynamic energy of the people who work there.

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