For Better Living.

It’s been a banner time for advocates of medical cannabis. Federal legislation created a new market essentially overnight triggering a ‘green rush’ in the Great White North. Despite the legal status of the category, a lingering stigma surrounding marijuana had many of the early entrants trying to legitimize their place in the medical community. A competitive audit revealed brand experiences that were overly clinical and undifferentiated.

Jacknife identified a prime positioning opportunity for Emblem in the market: make an emotional connection with the consumer by showing them how medical cannabis could improve their quality of life. Visually, the brand would focus on medical cannabis as a positive lifestyle choice curated by a compassionate organization of qualified experts. Warm lifestyle imagery featuring patients embracing life and meeting challenges head-on lives within a world of highly ordered content.

Jacknife delivered a strategic platform establishing market position and brand narrative along with the visual identity programme as a guide and a suite of graphic assets. The logo depicts Greek goddess Artemis, known to harness the power of nature, rendered as a contemporary heraldic figure in a quasi-rampant stance, signalling in the distance with a stag at her heel. Artemis is alert and in control, a proxy for the vitality and improved quality of life associated with medical cannabis.