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Georgian Partners Branding

Georgian Partners

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Toronto-based venture capital firm Georgian Partners, who have helped finance many successful tech start-ups—think Shopify and Vision Critical—needed to refresh their look in order to compete more vigorously in its category. Its current site and branding were outdated, and unrepresentative of the youthful tech industry in which they worked. Georgian Partners came to Jacknife with a quest to attract more young and promising start-ups by speaking their language and catering to their online habits.

We created a new brand narrative, new look, and new site for Georgian Partners. We uncovered data that revealed a crucial insight to the new design: most site visitors arrived via name searches for specific team members—so the new site had to leverage their partners and tell their stories in a compelling way. We designed the site in a magazine format, to optimize discoverability and show off partner profiles and thought leadership. We worked with a trusted photographer to photograph the team, and incorporate their portraits into blog content or news stories related to their expertise. The site was responsive, youthful, and had an editorial look that encouraged the visitor to stay on and interact with site features.

Another key component of the ask was revamping the Georgian Partners Applied Analytics thesis—a key asset that elevates the firm from another financier to a trusted consultant. A long and text heavy document, previously only available in PDF download, this asset was transformed into visually clean and digestible content, with integrated deep links to pertinent content throughout the site, encouraging users to explore further.

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