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Good Supply Branding

Good Supply

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Jacknife was tasked with creating a recreational cannabis brand for a well-informed, enthusiast audience. From our research, we identified that in contrast to all other segments, these smokers have the greatest amount of knowledge and experience in the category. As the highest proportion of current users (and the highest spenders), they have the most experience with the category and see cannabis as an extension of their lifestyle. But this doesn’t mean they’re the stereotypical shaggy-haired stoners slumped into a couch playing video games. Rather they’re diverse, ambitious, sophisticated, and they’ve done their homework—looking to experiment with quality products, purchased from socially responsible companies, who are transparent about what exactly is in their product, and its desired effects. Simply put, they’re looking for good weed at a good price.

With a deep understanding of this segment, we got to work developing a brand positioning and platform that directly reflects their values and needs—connecting their thirst for knowledge, desire for transparency, and openness to explore. The brand takes a no-frills, no-bullshit approach, aimed to celebrate simple, everyday moments.

We came up with the name—Good Supply—and designed the visual identity using a combination of clean graphic elements and textured treatments. A neutral colour palette juxtaposed with a bold lime green gives energy which speaks to the optimistic and positive social aspects of the brand. In addition, we developed comprehensive guidelines to roll out a series of branded elements including packaging, marketing collateral, swag and a website—all telling the story of Good Supply in a casual, honest and authentic way.

Work Menu

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