Houndworthy Branding

The global pet industry has exploded in recent years, however few newcomers have brought anything fresh to the sector. British start-up HOUNDWORTHY decided that this simply wasn’t good enough. An ambitious, pioneering lifestyle brand in its own right, they required a flexible branding system which at all times would validate their core ethos – that HOUNDWORTHY will always strive to source, produce, and champion only worthwhile goods. The mark needed to communicate not just authenticity, but also represent the start of a narrative in which all discerning dog owners could easily participate. It had to invite people in. A bold yet simple monogram icon reinforces the brand’s steadfast belief in quality-first thinking, providing a confident stamp of authority upon anything it appears. Introduction of a hefty, slab-serif typeface further substantiates the young company’s highly traditional values. Intelligently insightful messaging combined with a dramatic, visually immersive approach to photography further elevates the brand experience beyond anything that has gone before. HOUNDWORTHY is demonstrating how a dog lifestyle brand can get into people’s heads (and hearts)… and stay there.