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The team at Inagene approached us to help them position a new pharmacogenetics brand that, led by renowned scientists and experts in the space, makes it easier for patients and physicians to find the safest and most effective pain management options through a comprehensive genetic test.

Because Inagene had to speak to two distinct types of audiences, medical professionals and patients, we started with a quantitative and qualitative research approach that helped orient our brand and better understand our audiences. Once we had understood the results and insights from the data, we were able to build on our understanding and add dimension to complex and multifaceted audiences, with incredibly varied journeys. We created a full platform to position the new brand, including core values, a guiding narrative, a unique value proposition, tone and voice, and guiding insights into the audiences.

Following the creation of the brand, we moved onto visual identity design which included logo creation, kit design (including copy and packaging), a website, and a unique iconography system that was ownable, approachable, and trustworthy. We designed the site’s UX, alongside all the copy, content and visuals that communicated Inagene’s unique value to their audiences. In addition, we created trade show elements, a personalized insights report, and a digital portal for patients to access their test results across all devices—telling the story of Inagene in a way that’s easy-to-understand and informative at every touchpoint.

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