Kilberry – Leadership Advisors

The Kilberry team approached Jacknife to help elevate their identity to reflect their premium clientele—which included C-Suite management at companies such as the NBA, Under Armour, RBC, amongst many others. The ask was to showcase world-class executive advisory services in a way that stood out and reflected the first-class services their clients receive. We knew that to make an impression, and for the final product to reflect their premium offerings, attention to detail and a customizable experience will be central to our approach.

Jacknife got to work, creating a brand strategy, identity, web and print collateral that all laddered back to Kilberry’s mission, expertise, and exclusive offerings. The design approach was rooted in a minimal but thoughtful aesthetic, using premium materials to communicate the quality of their services. When crafting a logo, we created a minimalistic shield, which spoke to their heritage and symbolized strength, creating a distinct and prestigious presence in the marketplace. We also produced personally-tailored leave-behind packages that lasted beyond their immediate report functionality—allowing Kilberry to remain on clients’ shelves for years to come, and stay top-of-mind in the future.