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Kira Systems is a powerful machine learning software that identifies, extracts, and analyzes text in contracts and documents, enabling enterprises to easily find and use trusted information. With a newly developed strategy in place, Kira came to Jacknife to refresh their look in order to better establish their brand in the market and reflect the humanity behind their technology.

To communicate this, we modernized their existing mark which had an important double meaning—a nod to brackets and the integral role they play in coding, and a monocle to represent how Kira finds and highlights information—making it stronger and more approachable. We handcrafted a bespoke typeface with discreet design cues and coupled it with a traditional secondary font to bridge their professional legal background to their future growth state. The optically balanced font feels human and helps to support Kira’s quest to make artificial intelligence accessible.

When it came to the colour system, Kira wanted to own green in a sea of blue that their competitors use, so we selected a vibrant and playful shade as an evolution of the one they previously had to really stand out on digital. The secondary palette consists of yellow to promote positivity and happiness, and complementary tones of blue as a nod to the tech industry. With the updated system in place, we developed a brand guideline including photography direction, rolled out marketing materials and re-designed their website from the ground up to showcase Kira’s personality and bring the new brand to life.

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