Mondelez Office Installation

With a new office and a brand new location, Mondelez was seeking to create a work space that felt less corporate, more playful and engaging. Our task was to embody snack culture in a unique way that told a multitude of brand stories throughout the different levels of the new space.

We started by sifting through the Mondelez archives, and re-interpreting historical relics in a new and unexpected way. We crafted a narrative of historical and modern brand elements that ushered a sense of discovery throughout the office space: large-format wall treatments, one-of-a-kind installations, videos displays, furniture, floor treatments, signage and custom photography were all tasked with telling the Mondelez story through the decades.  We created custom-made bean bags using brand packaging, incorporated old Mondelez tales into the visual narrative, and designed a sculpture to welcome visitors into the new space.

The office’s grand opening was an instant success—and its workers’ immediate reactions were enough to let us know we’ve done our job well.