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Omega Nutrition Rebrand

Omega Nutrition

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Company Background: Omega Nutrition’s Decades of Nutritional Innovation

Omega Nutrition, a true original in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, has been a beacon of health for individuals of all lifestyles and dietary preferences for over 30 years. Universally celebrated, this well-respected brand has consistently delivered high-quality, clean, and nutritional products. Its legacy of excellence has fostered a deep bond with customers who have been part of the journey since the beginning. 

Challenge: Rebranding Omega Nutrition for a New Era

Omega Nutrition grappled with attracting new customers as the industry continued to evolve. In response, Jacknife was entrusted to redesign the brand entirely, encompassing the creative strategy, brand identity system, packaging design, and corporate & sales collateral. The goal was clear: to reinvigorate a brand that prided itself on innovation, simplicity, and the uncompromising purity of its offerings.

Solution: A Creative Odyssey with Jacknife

Our approach to Omega Nutrition’s transformation encompassed several key steps:

Identifying Challenges

We began by recognizing the hurdles ahead, including navigating the intricate regulatory landscape of the industry, crafting a design that could harmonize with both US and Canadian markets, and establishing a branding identity system that could accommodate an expanding portfolio of 14 SKUs—and counting—that was cohesive but not repetitive.

Unlocking Insights

Through a meticulous category review that included a thorough competitive assessment and insightful reporting, we armed ourselves with the knowledge required to shape the brand’s future.

Defining the Brand

Guided by our newfound insights, we forged a brand positioning and narrative that epitomized Omega Nutrition: confident, positive, straightforward, and just a touch quirky to remind everyone that embracing good health should be fun.

Design Evolution

In the realm of design, we embraced a vivid and inviting color palette alongside a simple yet bold typeface. Another defining moment was the creation of the Omega Nutrition icon—a graphic pattern device. The playful yet simple patterns unify the design system across all assets and platforms.

Collateral Perfection

Our work extended to collateral assets such as business cards, letterhead, email signatures, and product sell sheets, ensuring every facet of Omega Nutrition’s brand exuded the same vitality as its products.

A Rewarding Transformation

Omega Nutrition could now proudly proclaim, “Good For You Since 1987,” and with Jacknife’s transformative touch, they possessed a visual identity that matched the excellence of their products. It was more than a rebranding; it was a voyage of renaissance that breathed new life into a beloved icon, ensuring that Omega Nutrition’s legacy would continue to flourish in the ever-evolving health and wellness category. 


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