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Onondaga’s 100th Anniversary

Onondaga Camp

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Onondaga Camp, one of the oldest camps in Canada was celebrating its 100th year, and approached Jacknife to create engaging designs to help commemorate its centennial anniversary. The honour of celebrating 100 years of a Canadian icon was not lost on us, and so, with a quest to freshen up their mark for the big day, as well as to create some limited-edition merch, we got to work.

We started by going through camp archives, photographs, and paraphernalia to further immerse ourselves in the beloved history and traditions of the camp. Our goal was to tell the story to both current campers and alumni alike, so we created the Heritage Collection: a series of toques, pants, hoodies, jackets, water bottles, backpacks and camp gear influenced by the camp’s robust history and inspired by new generations’ modern camp experience.

The line was a considered, playful, and curated mix of the camp’s past, present and future, creating a timeless feel that generated excitement and nostalgia. We also created a commemorative mark that helped cement this unique time for the camp, which could be displayed with pride for years to come. When the Heritage Collection made its debut, staffers, campers, and alumni were beyond excited, and it was evident the story of Onondaga Camp could continue to inspire both past and future campers. Until next summer, campers.

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