Red Bull Thre3style

We were there from the start, creating a unique identity and print campaign for the first season of the Canadian born DJ series “THRE3STYLE”. Centred on celebrating the art of partying, DJs from around the world are challenged to show their skills by playing three genres of music in 15 minutes sets. They have one objective: Rock the Crowd. They are subsequently judged by a panel of industry icons on technique, track selection, crowd reaction and stage presence.

2013 was a big year for THRE3STYLE in Canada. Toronto will play host to the week-long Global Finals. Over 20 DJ’s from Croatia to Japan will tear the house down.

Jacknife delivered creative strategy and design, linking regional, national, and global campaigns with fresh visuals message. Beyond traditional poster and ad creative Jacknife built a global style guide, custom awards, album covers, felt penants, and a 20 foot info graphic (in collaboration with music writer Denise Benson) on the history of music in Toronto.