Reinventing a Classic: Sandbox Helmet Design

Inspired by former Major League Baseball personality, Pete Rose, we started on a new helmet design for Sandbox. Pete, or “Charlie Hustle” as others knew him, played during the 1960’s when baseball was in the golden era of sports. This Sandbox helmet is a bit of a throwback and is based on the old school, earless baseball helmets worn during that time.

For this version of the helmet we took an earlier style and revamped it. Our task was to “reinvent a classic.” Aesthetically, we kept a low profile fit to avoid getting too bulky. We also added a ventilation system and engineered the design to exceed snowsports safety standards testing.

Special thanks to Sandbox founder, Kevin Sansalone, and huge congratulations to the Sandbox crew for being named the #1 helmet brand in Canada by SBC.