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Jacknife was challenged with developing a recreational cannabis brand for a younger, more urban, and highly creative demographic—who is also highly resistant to traditional marketing and has a great BS radar. So we created RIFF: a platform revolving around creativity, collaboration, and pushing boundaries.

After getting to know our audience, we fully immersed ourselves in the world they inhabit, and dug deep to understand how RIFF can meaningfully impact and enrich their daily lives. We created a brand platform, name, visual identity, packaging, strain names, a go-to-market plan, a zine as well as ample social content, a website, merch, and various out of home elements including wild postings, and in-store merchandising and display posters.

RIFF communicated to its audiences on the platforms they use daily, meeting them on their journey and creating content that brought value to them. Rewarding its audience for paying close attention to what RIFF had to say, Instagram-exclusive invitations were created to events across the country and using Instagram stories, a format they used organically, followers got in on the most exciting and exclusive events of the summer. Exclusively, organic content sold out every event that was put on.

In addition, we also helped to create the Co.Lab—a collective of Canadian artists and makers who contribute to RIFF’s ever-evolving roster of collaborators. Each season the collaborations change, as does the content, the perspectives, and the unique experiences that come with it.

Work Menu

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