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Rilli Brilli Brand & Launch

Arterra Wines Canada

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Canada’s largest wine producer, Arterra, came to Jacknife to develop new product concepts for hard sparkling sodas as part of their first foray into the ready-to-drink (RTD) category. Working with consumer data and segmentation reports, we understood that our target consumer for one of the products was largely women in their mid-20s to mid-30s with optimistic and outgoing values who are confident and determined to live life to the fullest.

With this key insight, Jacknife solidified the name Rilli Brilli, developed a brand platform and visual identity, designed packaging as well as designed influencer kits with the brand’s celebratory and feminine properties in mind. Rilli Brilli celebrates making the “unexpected really brilliant” and is instantly recognizable by its beautiful floral watercolour illustrations. Its distinctive name and brilliantly indulgent USP are geared to 25- to 40-year-old women with an aesthetic made to complement brunch with girlfriends.

We collaborated with Arterra’s PR and media teams on a holistic campaign approach to bring the campaign to life—and then COVID hit. With so much uncertainty leaving everyone in need of making meaningful and positive connections, we pivoted the campaign’s essence from “Live Life in Full Bloom” to “Bloom It Forward.” XM plans were adapted to digital (including digital ads and organic social content, platform launch on Instagram, and paid Facebook and Instagram ad) along with an influencer strategy focused on sharing beautiful floral arrangements to make challenging times more comforting. As the city began to reopen, we introduced a guerilla sampling program safely encouraging people out and about in Liberty Village, Trinity Bellwoods, Yorkville, Summerhill Market, and the King and Spadina area in Toronto to try out the product. All samples were successfully distributed and the brand’s social accounts saw a jump in engagement with followers fulfilling Arterra’s goal to grow awareness of Rilli Brilli as a new brand, ultimately incentivizing trial and purchase.

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