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Aphria, one of the largest Licensed Producers of cannabis in Canada, had approached Jacknife to create its first recreational cannabis brand. Working with consumer data and segmentation reports, we quickly understood that our target consumer—largely suburban women who still held some stigma about cannabis—needed a cannabis offering positioned like a true CPG brand that they could come to trust.

We started by building a platform that hinged on the values, needs, and consumption habits of our audience. We did an audit of similar categories, the marketplaces where cannabis was legal, and the emerging competitors here in Canada. With a full understanding of our consumer, the marketplace, and our product, we created a brand positioning, platform, and name for our new brand. We also partnered with a research company to test and validate the name and identity amongst our target audience to ensure consistency and to position us for success in a crowded market.

After our name—Solei—was solidified, we went on to design the visual identity, packaging, and strains. We named each of the strains, and created a convention that helped a beginner consumer understand and distinguish the products. After the initial phase was completed, we were tasked with creating a go-to-market campaign, including OOH elements, influencer planning, a website, social content, swag, and an experiential unit that allowed consumers to interact with the brand in a welcoming, familiar environment. Through the pre-legalization period, we were creating content, copy, and advising on the consumer-facing rollout as the public got to know the Solei brand. On legalization day Solei was one of the first brands to sell out on the OCS website.

Work Menu

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