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TextNow Integrated Campaigns


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TextNow is a phone service for everyone—a free mobile app offering a secure second phone number for users to call and text seamlessly over WiFi. Whether online dating, online buying/selling, a side-hustle or long-distance calling, market research identified many potential use cases for having a second phone number. TextNow wanted to test multiple scenarios to learn what resonates with users and inform future campaigns.

To increase awareness of these everyday scenarios and the overall brand, Jacknife created three integrated campaigns consisting of 15 and 30 second TV spots, landing pages, radio and podcast ads, and digital ads to launch in major markets across the US—TextNow’s largest market.

Opting for a highly cinematic, storytelling approach and slightly humorous tone to be disruptive in the space, each campaign features unique creative tailored to a specific target audience.

“G.O.Y.N.” (give out your number) leverages an acronym-based language to communicate that with a second number, users have the freedom to pass out their number without compromising their privacy. “For the Birds” speaks to the side-hustle, reaching small business owners who need a dedicated second line. Lastly, “Community Players” acts out the benefits of having a second number through improvisational comedy—a direction that allows for further spots to be easily developed as needed.

Even with challenging production parameters, our team remained nimble and innovative in our approach. We worked collaboratively with media and production partners to develop a holistic strategy that would resonate with users in this category and visually bring the research insights to life. The campaign results will provide TextNow with the information and insight they need to understand market opportunities and inform future campaign planning.

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