Development Factory Identity

The Development Factory is a creative digital production shop focused on servicing the creative community. Through the evolution of the brand, the service model opened up a number of doors with top tier agencies from around the world and it was time to take a fresh look at the core assets to make the experience more representative of who they are and what they do. This brand identity job was an interesting one, beginning with a scouting phase helping to unearth insights about the team, their vision and the end clients they work with.

At first blush, the identity is bold yet clean. Behind it though, lies a custom cypher that sets a colour value and unique form value to aspects of the logo system (coloured lines), making the logo and elements of the identity a living thing that change based on the message inputted in the back end. The identity has been applied to stationary, website and ongoing communication tools that are a much better and more authentic representation of the team and their work.