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WIND Brand Launch


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The launch of WIND Mobile marked the beginning of fundamental change within the Canadian wireless landscape. Built on actual conversations happening among Canadians who are passionate about improving the level of wireless service in this country, WIND provides voice, text and data services to their customers and engages with them directly to jointly create a better mobile experience in Canada.

We worked with the WIND team for over a year and had the opportunity to create the brand’s visual voice from the ground up. Our goal was to bring it to life across every possible dimension, defining what the brand experience would be on virtually every level – retail and office space, car fleet, uniforms, packaging, call center, top-up cards, magazine, stationery and all administrative and sales tools. In creating this brand, design efforts focused on exploring the ways in which we could express the brand’s core idea – the power of conversation. We knew WIND needed to look and feel democratic and approachable in nature so we spent time thinking through the ways in which we could convey the power of individuals in conversation collaborating to create something great, something new and different. Speech bubbles, vibrant colours and dingbats were some of the key elements we used.

Not only was it a fun challenge, it was successful. Within the first year WIND Mobile added more new subscribers than any other provider. In the first quarter after launch, WIND added 39,000 new subscribers claiming 30 per cent of the subscriber growth in the quarter nationally. This quickly accelerated to 100,000 subscribers by the end of the second quarter post launch and it continues to grow.

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