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Woolwich Dairy Rebrand

Woolwich Dairy

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Woolwich first came to us to improve its on-shelf brand presence: the challenge arose because products were spread across three in-store areas, with no cohesive look or continuity across SKUs. The ask was to re-name the brand and re-design its entire identity, including the creation of a strategic brand platform, packaging, promotional materials, web presence, and everything in between.

We developed an ownable brand platform including a narrative, core values, and tonal guidance, and went through a rigorous naming process—after which it became clear that the Woolwich name held too much equity to change it.

We created a direction that evoked a farm, fresh, honest, and approachable feel for the brand, connecting consumers to Woolwich’s story and mandate. Through this, the goal was to grow everyday offerings and connect with a new consumer on a deeper and more meaningful level.  Through intensive research, we discovered that many shoppers had apprehensions about the goat product category, so our challenge was to overcome these by telling the story of mild-flavoured, fresh and simple products that can be consumed every day.

To tell the story of Woolwich’s farm-fresh taste, we worked with illustrators to create custom illustrations to help showcase the brand’s personality: whimsical, playful, honest and simple. We then went on to conduct extensive visual testing of packaging and identity, ensuring the personality of the brand came off as friendly, allowing the company’s love of goats to shine through. In the process, we managed extensive food and legal regulatory guidelines, a full bilingual execution, and studied innovative packaging design to optimize the consumption experience. Our deliverables were many, but each had its distinct strategy and purpose: the website reskin, brand essence video, storybook and product catalogue (catered to several distinct audiences), strategy and packaging development, brand launch collateral, as well as photography and a robust sales kit.

Our work with the Woolwich team was so successful because it hinged on collaboration. We worked closely with our client partners to conduct country-wide store visits, focus groups, goat farm trips, and functioned as an extension of their team for the entire duration of the project. Our passion for the project and the trust we had cultivated with their team drove the project, allowing us to collaboratively and honestly create something that we could all be proud of.

Thanks to an amazing partnership, we proudly rolled out over 70 SKUs nationwide, appearing on shelves anywhere from major Canadian grocery retailers to locally owned specialty stores. (We lost count of how many goat products we’ve consumed in the process, but it’s more than we’d like to admit.)

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