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The Rise Of A New Medium: Wearables Creating New Experiences and Environments

Posted in product-design

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After attending the WEST Conference in Toronto on Tuesday we are thrilled to see how the technological advances in wearables are improving our ability to boost our athletic performance as well as create immersive narratives and interactive entertainment.

One might think a conference on advances in wearables would have better been suited to take place in Silicon Valley none the less, but truth be told Toronto can be routed back to the birthplace of wearable technology as it is the home to many pioneers such as Steve Mann of the University of Toronto.

The theme of the conference was definitely innovation with a focus on the nearing technological revolution, which with 1/3rd of the adult demographic projected to use wearables by 2019 the shift seems to be underway. With major players like Google CardboardSulon, and Oculus Rift providing developer kits technology is and soon will be changing the way we create and consume our entertainment. A prime example of this already rolling out is the Golden State Warrior’s Samsung VR experience “Hello, Sacramento”, where participants were able to experience the game court side from home.

Virtual Basketball Court

While the home consumer was definitely targeted towards during the conference, Curtis Hickman and James Jensen of The Void are doing their best to move away from the home towards a physical and digital experience space. Their plan is to create a VR theme park of sorts where you and your friends can teleport together into a virtual space and play. Check out their trailer video for the VOID’s concept below.

We are excited to see the future of wearables become more social, seamless, disruptive, creative, and hyper-personalized.

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