A wall with various coloured FUSE Create posters. A wall with various coloured FUSE Create posters. A wall with various coloured FUSE Create posters. A wall with various coloured FUSE Create posters. A wall with various coloured FUSE Create posters.

FUSE Create

Bold Brand Fusion and Creative First Mindset


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Having developed FUSE Marketing Group’s visual identity years ago, the team approached Jacknife to help reinvigorate their identity once again.

FUSE Create's logo and icon.

This time, they were merging two distinct brands offering advertising and experiential into a cohesive offering under a new name: FUSE Create. The ask was to develop a clever system that captured their channel-agnostic approach and ‘creative first’ mindset in a way that would “turn heads”—just as they do for their own clients. It was clear from the beginning that bold visuals and a distinguished voice were needed to make an impact.


We got to work, developing a platform for the brand including core values, tone of voice and a brand narrative rooted in the direct notion of “No smoke. No mirrors. Just awesome creative.”. With the brand established, we moved onto creating a customized icon, wordmark and brand identity system. The primary icon is made up of different shapes and layered colours, integrating an ‘F’ and ‘C’ to represent the new name and communicate the fusion of the two brands coming together.

Unique patterns and images can be used within the icon and shapes as a modular system, reflecting the flexibility and adaptability of the agency, and the industry they work in. With a mission to turn heads, it only made sense to use a bold, bright and optimistic colour palette to further stand out and captivate their audience.


In the end, we had fun applying the system to a variety of marketing materials and captured how to use the system in a comprehensive brand guideline. As the new brand continues to roll out, the guide informs the consistent application of the identity across touchpoints like web, video, social and more.

FUSE Create's logo.
FUSE Create's logo repeated in horizontal rows.
FUSE Create's business cards.
FUSE Create phrases with icons.
FUSE Create's pattern blocks.
Colourful notebooks with FUSE Create's logo.
FUSE Create's logo and a yellow t-shirt on a hanger with FUSE Create logo.
An envelope and letter with FUSE Create's logo.
A picture of a road in the desert with white text that says
FUSE Create's logo embossed on a paper.
A laptop display of FUSE Create's website.
FUSE Create's brand guidelines as cards.

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