Green Door Project logo embossed on paper. Green Door Project logo embossed on paper. Green Door Project logo embossed on paper. Green Door Project logo embossed on paper. Green Door Project logo embossed on paper.

Green Door Project

Opening Doors to Health Equity with Green Shield Canada


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Karolina Ficek Illustrator

Green Shield Canada (GSC) is a different kind of health benefits company. Their mission is simple: make it easier for people to live their healthiest lives.

4 different colour blocks with Green Door Project logo.

Delivering on this, they established an oral healthcare advocacy and awareness initiative and asked Jacknife to develop the brand positioning, logo, identity system, brand standards and launch video for Green Door Project.

Illustration of various people at a crosswalk with Green Door Project's logo.

With the objective of reaching a wide, national audience through large marketing campaigns, media/press coverage and high visibility partnerships, the identity had to carefully convey a serious yet positive tone, and be flexible to accommodate future growth.


Rooted in a foundation that equitable access to healthcare can lead to a better and healthier future for all, the visual system uses shapes, lines and colour to fill gaps visually. The arch icon speaks to Green Door Project’s warm and welcoming personality and acts as a framework for inviting change in. Playful patterns and textures are explored around the arch but are always anchored by the strong mark as a nod to GSC’s experience of delivering solutions that improve health and well-being for decades.

Green Door Project's business cards laid out.
Green Door Project's poster on a wall.

We worked with illustrator Karolina Ficek​​ to bring her custom drawings to life and introduce the brand​ ​in an explainer video for the launch. The video uses simple and relatable line illustrations and plain language to communicate what the project is about while creating a sense of urgency by calling on Canadians to take action.

Illustrations of various people on their laptops, drink wine, or holding a bouquet of flowers.
A t-shirt and tote bag with Green Door Project's logo.
Green Door Project's billboard sign.

This is just the beginning for Green Door Project—as the brand continues to roll out and gain momentum, the standards we’ve established ensure consistent application across all touchpoints.

Green Door Project's brand guide page overview.

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