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Brand Strategy Naming

Canadian Nuclear Partners (CNP) is a commercial subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation (OPG), servicing the needs of and providing industry-leading solutions to the power generation and energy sector on a national and global scale. Working in partnership with The Hive, Jacknife was engaged to help push the brand forward in preparation for future growth.

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Laurentis' logo designs.

Comprised of expert teams focused on a broad range of energy verticals, each with specific brand needs and different target audiences to consider, we needed to understand what connected them. Through a combination of stakeholder interviews and design research, a core directive was to lose the word “nuclear” from the name and to express the “Canadian-ness” of the company in a more evocative than literal manner. This led to a revamped brand strategy for CNP and a new name: Laurentis Energy Partners. We also provided brand architecture design direction to root the new master brand and guide service vertical branding to be more human-centred.


The logo design draws inspiration from the abstract U-shape of The Canadian Shield—also called the Laurentian Plateau—and the active nature of the energy sector. Interconnected energy lines are applied in various colour combinations to create patterns and provide a flexible foundation for future verticals and services. The fresh and positive colour palette is a refreshing change in the category, setting Laurentis apart and shedding previous perceptions.

Laurentis' business cards.

We developed a comprehensive brand guideline that provides direction on design standards, visual tone, photography and sample applications. The standards informed Laurentis’ communication strategy and were essential in bringing the new brand to market, creating a seamless and consistent experience across all touchpoints.

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Laurentis' logo composition.
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Laurentis' icon.
Laurentis' patterns and icons.
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Before and after Laurentis' logo.

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