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Mr. X

Evolving an Award-Winning Company


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Mr. X—an award-winning visual effects company that’s behind well-known favourites like Pompeii, Robocop, and Fight Club—has been around for over 10 years.

Before and after of Mr.X's logo.

Their business is understandably niche, and their site, along with their branding, was quite dated—which, for a visual company, didn’t reflect the incredibly evocative nature of their work.

They knew they needed to evolve their branding elements in order to grow, and that’s where the Jacknife team came in.

We created a new site, logo, and brand positioning that helped Mr. X transition into a narrative that’s more in line with their striking portfolio.


The site was designed to capture new and upcoming content through an ever-changing homepage that pulls content from social feeds and new site elements (such as jobs or awards). It was crucial to the Mr. X team that they be able to evolve the site continually, with each new project, award or announcement—so it needed to be agile, responsive, and simultaneously display a variety of elements in a visceral way that showcases their work. Take a look—we think our solution speaks for itself.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile display of Mr.X's website.
Screen grabs of Mr.X's website pages.
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Mr.X's business cards.

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